Where can I find experienced and reliable IT professionals? Statistical researchers? Professional Trainers?
How can I complete a project so ambitious that I would need the skills of an entire university?
What avenues of funding and revenue am I overlooking to get this project off the ground?

Are these the kinds of questions you’ve been asking yourself? The answer to all your questions may be easier than you think. That answer is the Center for Public Management (CPM), part of the University of Oklahoma’s College of Continuing Education.

CPM has been honored numerous times for innovative product lines and effective use of resources and personnel. Let us show you how we can use innovative cost sharing principles and reimbursable accounting practices to make your projects more efficient and affordable than you would have thought possible.

We work with public agencies, non-profits, and private industry to deliver cost effective customer oriented solutions that are tailored to meet unique needs and situations. But what makes us stand out from the crowd is the ability to draw upon the vast resources of the entire University’s faculty and staff. When our team of experts partner with your experts, we think you will find new benchmarks of customer satisfaction and quality in the services and products provided.

The Center for Public Management is growing at a rapid pace and we are constantly adding new positions within the department. Please take a look at the current openings. We appreciate your interest in employment with the CPM.

Position Salary  
Information Technology Specialist II/Software Developer $50,000-$56,000 More Info
Program Specialist II/Instructional Designer&Developer $40,400-$47,000 More Info
Program Specialist I $28,660-$30,660 More Info

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